What Clients Are Saying

I have been delighted to work with Greg Conway every stage of my professional career (over blank years.) He has skillfully advised me and provided for all my disability insurance needs as they changed over the years. Through regular conferences he has kept me up to date. He has always put my needs first. His years of experience with physicians and continuing education have helped me immensely. I would recommend Greg to anyone and especially to physicians.

William C. Hayes, Jr., M.D. – Pediatrician, Gastonia, NC

I have been a client of Greg’s for almost 10 years.  Greg has always provided impeccable customer service and his knowledge is beyond compare in the specialized disability insurance market.  I feel protected and confident for my future and my familys’ thanks to Greg.

Anthony G. Smith, M.D. – General Surgeon, Concord, NC

I met Greg in 2003 when my husband and I were looking for Long Term Care Insurance. From the moment we met I knew he would be the person to find exactly the plans for us. He did his research and found what I feel was the perfect plan for us. He always has been available for questions, and met with us every year to go over our plans. Very, very helpful.

We went with the company Allianz. My husband is quite a bit older than I and has now begun use of the service. I, being a novice at dealing with such things, have been astounded at the assistance, courteousness, and professionalism, of the staff of this company. I am so pleased. I was under so much stress and didn’t know how to go about any of the procedures. My husband was always the one who dealt with everything.

Again, Greg guided me in the proper direction, and Allianz stepped up and has handled things superbly.

Thank you so much Greg.

Gayle Point – Nurse

I am a retired orthopedic surgeon in Western North Carolina.  In 1980, I and another orthopedist fresh out of residency started a new practice.  Not long after that Greg Conway contacted me and offered his services. With his help, we set up buy-sell corporate contratracts funded with disability and life insurance policies.

This was the start of a relationship that has lasted to this date.  In spite of being based miles away, Greg frequently called on us.  Our dealings have always been face to face, hee has been easy to contact, and quick to help or answer questions.  Twice yearly visits to review my policies and needs have been the norm.

Greg has been the source for me and my former practice for many types of insurance products. Disability (personal, group, buy-out), life, long-term care, and Medicare supplements as examples.

I have always had the feeling that if he recommended a product to me, it was the best one available for my requirements.  He has a great knowledge of the industry and the products available by all companies, especially with regards to medical professionals and some of their unique circumstances.

If you are expecting to purchase aninsurance policy and then NEVER see the agent again, you will be disappointed.

Clifford E. Faull, M.D. – Retired Orthopedic Surgeon

I want to begin this message as one of thanks for what Greg Conway has prepared for me. When I was a young surgeon, Greg Conway directed me towards proper insurance coverage that I knew was important but felt certain was only an action of planning. I was, like most physicians, invincible.  An unexpected turn of life occurred with permanent disability and had it not been for the direction of Mr. Conway my family would have suffered greatly when I was no longer able to provide income. 

He was readily available throughout the early meetings of purchasing my coverage, explaining important details. He has also been very supportive and available when it came time to file my claim.  

His pleasant demeanor and wealth of knowledge has made him invaluable to me and my family. Always accommodating to my schedule, he made all steps convenient from meeting me in my office with short notice to meeting out of the office for a change of venue.

James N. Iglehart, M.D. – General Surgeon, Concord, NC