Unisex Premium Rates for Women

Equitable Premium Rates

Women are typically charged 40%-70% more than men for individual disability insurance policies.  That’s why I made it my mission long ago to help as many women as possible to acquire disability policies from the leading carriers with premium rates comparable to the male rate.

But finding a way to do this can be a big challenge.  The insurance companies don’t just come right out and offer lower rates for women.  I know where to look.

If you’re a female physician or dentist in the market for a disability insurance policy, I’m confident that I can help find the best premium rate for you – all while providing the high-quality coverage you need and deserve.

Covered by LTD?

Fair or Unfair?

It’s unfortunate that so many female physicians & dentists will be charged so much more than men for their coverage.


Many of you will never be disabled, so on one hand, it seems unfair that you would be charged so much more than men. On the other hand, women in general get disabled more than men, so it’s not unexpected that the insurance companies would pass along the cost of more claims to women in the form of higher premium rates.


Fair or unfair, the bottom line is that higher premium rates for women is a reality, unless…

Unisex Premium Rates

Fortunately, there is a remedy for higher premium rates for women. It’s a relatively simple one called Unisex Premium Rates. As the name implies, Unisex Premium Rates for disability insurance policies are the same for men as for women.

Even though the insurance companies typically use sex-distinct rates to charge more for women, there are some situations in which they will offer policies to women with the lower Unisex Premium Rates. If you are a female physician or dentist and you’re in the market for an individual disability insurance policy, let me help you find a policy with Unisex Premium Rates.

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