Supplemental Disability Policies

Covered by LTD?

If you are a physician or dentist employed by a hospital or group practice, it is likely that you are covered by your employer’s group long-term disability (LTD) insurance policy. If so, it’s possible that your employer provides this benefit to you free of charge. That’s a great benefit. Who doesn’t want free disability insurance coverage?

Even if you’re required to pay all or part of the cost of your LTD coverage, it could still be a great benefit if it’s a high-quality LTD policy, because LTD is relatively inexpensive as disability insurance goes.

However, LTD policies also have some significant limitations and may leave gaps in your disability protection. I’ve worked with many physicians and dentists who were covered by LTD policies and I’m confident I can help you to fully understand your LTD coverage and help fill the gaps that your LTD coverage leaves uncovered.

Covered by LTD?

Limitations of LTD


Understanding the limitations of your LTD policy is necessary for you to determine its proper role in your disability insurance protection plan. Three primary limitations of LTD include:

  • May Not Provide Enough Coverage – Most LTD policies are capped and don’t fully cover many physicians & dentists
  • Does Not Contain “True” Own Occupation / Specialty Protection
  • Most LTD Is Not Portable or Has Poor Portability Options – It’s likely you can’t take it with you if you change employers

I specialize in disability insurance for physicians and dentists. Let me help explain the limitations of your LTD policy and how those limitations can affect your protection plan.

Supplemental Disability Policies

In most situations, insurance companies will offer individual supplemental disability policies to physicians and dentists who also have LTD policies. These individual supplemental policies provide the following benefits:

  • Increases Your Coverage – Takes your coverage up to the amount you need
  • Provides “True” Own Occupation / Specialty Protection – The preferred Definition of Total Disability for Physicians & Dentists
  • Individual Policies with Major Carriers are Completely Portable – Allows you to maintain control of your disability insurance in the event of job changes or loss of benefits provided by your employer.

Supplemental Disabilit

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