Policy Selection Process

Essential Benefits

From surgeons to radiologists, dentists to optometrists, I specialize in high-quality, individual disability insurance policies designed to meet your specific needs. Below are the three most essential policy features I recommend in a policy for a physician or dentist:

  • Own Occupation / Specialty Definition of Total Disability
  • Non-Cancellable & Guaranteed Renewable
  • Residual Disability 

With 35+ years experience with physicians and dentists, I’m confident I can help you navigate all your options, including the costs of the available policies, to help you select the disability insurance policy that will work best for you.

Leading Carriers

In addition to identifying the essential features of a disability insurance policy, you must also know which insurance carriers currently offer these essential features to physicians and dentists. That’s not easy because the list of the leading carriers is small and it’s constantly changing. The leading carriers today were not the leading carriers ten years ago and they might not be among the leading carriers next year.

Let me help you select a policy from one of the leading carriers for physicians and dentists. It doesn’t matter when it is. I always know who they are.

Policy Comparison

I will gather quotes from the leading carriers and provide our unique side-by-side benefit comparison for you. This comparison will easily enable you to view all the important policy features at a glance.

I’ll help you understand the value and relevance of each of the important policy features, as well as the specific way each carrier offers each feature. In addition, I will help you compare the costs of the available policies. You’ll then be ready to make a decision about which policy will work best for you, benefit-wise and cost-wise.

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