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Long-Term Care Insurance

Have you thought about long-term care and how you plan to address this important need. The need for these services increases as we get older.

Long-term care can derail your plans unless you plan for it. Let’s discuss how you can be prepared for the financial, mental, and emotional challenges you and your loved ones will face if you or they need long-term care.

Learn how you can plan for long-term care.

2019 Long-Term Care Consumer Guide

Download this valuable guide about long-term care and long-term care insurance.

Awareness of Disability

Physicians and dentists are more likely than any other profession or occupation to purchase an individual disability insurance policy.  Below are several reasons why:

More Aware of Disability
  • Most physicians see sickness and disability every day in their practice of medicine. Many times it’s physicians who inform patients that they may qualify for disability.  This keeps the idea of becoming disabled front and center.
Highly Trained & Skilled
  • Many physicians and dentists, especially specialists, perform fine motor skill procedures. An injury or sickness that does not disable the average worker might very well disable a physician or dentist for a long period of time, if not permanently.
Much to Lose Financially
  • Physicians earn significantly more income than most workers. Whenever there’s more income earned, there’s more to be lost due to disability. Disability is one of the biggest financial fears of most physicians.
Loss of Identity and Purpose
  • When a physician or dentist becomes totally disabled, especially if it is long-term or permanent, they often feel as if they have lost their identity or purpose.  They no longer occupy the esteemed position of physician or dentist in their professional and personal communities.  They are no longer able to perform the skilled work of their profession.  A sense of loss of identity and purpose can be a painful psychological effect of becoming disabled.
Self Protection
  • Some physicians and dentists work in small practices and are responsible for providing their own disability insurance. Increasing numbers work for large clinics or hospitals. Many of those employers provide free group long-term disability benefits. But group disability benefits seldom provide the amount or quality of coverage most physicians and dentists need and want. This leaves a need for supplemental, individual disability policies that the physician or dentist must take the responsibility to purchase.

Get Peace of Mind & Financial Security

With 30+ years experience with physicians and dentists, I can help meet your needs with a high-quality, Own Occupation/Specialty disability insurance policy.

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Are You a Medical Resident or Fellow?

If so, you’re in an interesting situation regarding disability insurance.  You’re not earning a practicing physician’s income yet, but you will be soon.

That’s why many residents and fellows make the decision to purchase disability insurance policies to begin protecting their greatest asset:  their future potential income.

It can be hard to navigate all the options you have for disability insurance protection.  I’ll help you understand the best insurance policies for you as a resident or fellow, as well as for your medical career.

I have been a client of Greg’s since 2007. Greg has always provided impeccable customer service and his knowledge is beyond compare in the specialized disability insurance market. I feel protected and confident for my future and my family’s thanks to Greg.

Anthony G. Smith

General Surgeon - Concord, NC